If you feel called to go deeper into this journey, I invite you to consider one of these online courses (I have more on fusiontantra.com but these two are definitely most applicable to our “I Will Ask” journey).

Both courses are 8 weeks long (but you can take as long as you’d like). There are teaching videos, exercises for you to do (sometimes meditations, sometimes things to do in your life), and homework for you to go deeper within.

At the end of each homework, you can ask me questions along the way. It is a beautiful way to connect and have real conversations about things that are hard to talk about in our day-to-day lives.

Both courses are hosted on my Academy site: fusiontantra.com. So, when you click on the “Find Out More” link, you will be take to my Academy site.

If you ever have any questions about any of the courses, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Radiant Woman

The Radiant Woman Online Course

The foundation of this course is the relationship of the masculine and feminine. For as long as we know, the masculine and feminine have been in a power struggle to survive. Because of this, both have twisted into very strange versions of themselves. The masculine has been defined as aggressive, loud, controlling, and even angry. The feminine has been defined as soft, demure, vulnerable, and even a doormat.

But these just don’t work. We know this. It’s time to return to the true meaning of masculine and feminine so that both thrive, grow together and are able to merge to create something completely new and wonderful (in life and in intimacy).

When we redefine the feminine, we all get to finally release the breath that we’ve been holding for our whole life. We get to relax in who we truly are. We get to understand the strength of vulnerability, of deep wisdom, of our wild and chaotic (creative) selves. We also get to strengthen our inner masculine so that we have an inner protector, solid structure, and the knowledge that we will actually manifest whatever our feminine intuition sees.

The important thing is that it is the feminine that must heal first. The masculine energy (in its true form) simply follows the feminine. It is the energy to manifest the wisdom of the feminine.

This is why WE MUST HEAL FIRST. We must undo the strange shapes we have been twisted into.

And when we heal, then everyone else can heal too.

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The Spiritual Path of Tantra

The Spiritual Path of Tantra Online Course

Tantra is a personal path of transformation.

It is a transformation into who we truly are. It is like turning on the parts of us that have laid dormant until the conditions were right. It is combining our deepest parts with the simplest parts of our day-to-day lives.

It is merging our divine selves with our daily chores, careers, relationships, hopes and dreams. It is bringing all of the parts of ourselves together and loving them so that we are truly whole and happy.

Living in this way means listening within with each step. It helps find inspired words in difficult conversations. It helps bring us closer to all of our loved ones – even when things are hard.

It is also finding joy and pleasure in places that we never could have imagined. Finding peace within the storm… and truly being able to be our authentic selves all of the time, regardless of what is going on around us.

Whether you’ve never heard of tantra, or you have studied and practised before, this is a beautiful course that truly transforms us so that we become tantric in every aspect of our lives.

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Dakini/Tantrika Training

Dakini Tantrika Training with Katrina Bos

This program is for you if you would like to dedicate a year or more to deep study of cultivating the spiritual dakini/tantrika within.

It is the combination of the two courses above plus the Foundations for Tantric Intimacy course plus 15 private sessions with me.

You are welcome to dive into this program if it feels right. Or you can also just do the courses one by one as they feel right and have sessions with me when needed.

It’s all good. Your deepest wisdom will know what’s perfect for you.

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