Katrina Bos

Each of my books reflect a different part of my personal journey – all of which contribute to this curious place we find ourselves now.

We are in a place where the ghosts of the past are whispering in our minds that we must fear being honest, that we must keep the peace, and that we must just “get along” with others.

However, we have economic freedom now. We have religious freedom now. We have the right to speak our truths and we won’t be thrown out into the street. We can be completely honest now, perhaps for the first time in known history.

If any, or all, of my books call to you, they are available online in paperback, ebook, and audiobook (read by me).

What If You Could Skip the Cancer?

This is a story of how we journey from believing our minds have all the answers, to listening to our hearts and truly trusting our intuition. It was the fear of dying of cancer that scared me enough to consider that maybe what I believed about life and what I was supposed to be doing here might be wrong. It is the story of coming to terms with the fact that I was truly depressed, even though I was so good at holding it together on the surface.

This is when I met my first teacher/guru who helped me find my true voice. He helped me sort through the training that so many of us have that keep us quiet, and listening to others instead of ourselves.

And most importantly, it was the beginning of my true spiritual journey. Learning to trust that deeper wisdom within. Creating a life where I now trust my heart and my intuition far beyond my brain… and miraculous things began appearing all around me.

What If You Could Skip the Cancer?

Tantric Intimacy

I have always known that we were capable of incredible intimacy. I have always felt drawn to completely merge with romantic partners. My friends and I are completely open and relationships are easy and fun. Even my relationships with my children are completely open and loving and full of trust. I have always known that this was possible.

It was through the realization that even our sexual intimacy was meant to be so much more than the world was telling us that I was drawn to tantra. The word tantra literally rose inside of me one night lying in bed and my study began.

This book is the culmination of my tantric teachings. It begins by redefining what love is, then looks at what it means to truly integrate the divine into our lives. We talk about the relationship of the masculine and feminine, sexual intimacy, and how to enjoy the bliss of being tantric in our everyday lives.

Tantric Intimacy

You Don’t Have to Eat the Eyeballs

This is my most recent book – just published in December 2019!

“Eating Eyeballs” is a metaphor for doing things that we don’t want to do. The story began when I was travelling to a tropical island and my hosts wanted me to eat great big, fish eyeballs. I felt completely obligated to try to eat them. It was polite. They would be disappointed. I was staying in their home…

The book is filled with stories from my travels that took me from that place of being a perpetual people-pleaser (since birth) and finally coming to a place of true self-love where I was able to truly make decisions based on what was best for me.

When you are a born people-pleaser, this is a profound transition… and now I have this lovely metaphor to consider every time I feel obligated to do something I don’t want to do… “Is this an eyeball?” 🙂

No more people-pleasing